Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Do we take our education system for granted?

As an educator, sometimes I look at the global education system and I see that America has an excellent education system. Though flawed at times, many people strive to get it. I look at other countries who are way ahead of us educationally, but are way behind us when it comes to who should receive an education.

There are still a lot of countries who believe that women should not be formally educated. There are still children who, if they are not of a certain social class, cannot receive proper education. That said, the African American community has some of the lowest graduation rates and some of the highest dropout rates among free education.

Why is that? 

Have we become entrapped in the culture of "since my parents did not graduate and made it so can I?" On a more positive note, the American rate for high school graduation has increased to 80%. This shows that as a nation we still believe it is important to get a good education. However, as a teacher in an urban setting, I have seen all too well that many of our children cannot wait to turn 16 to sign themselves out.

Where are the teachers, guidance counselors, family, friends that can encourage the student from making that mistake? 

I know far too well that a lot of our inner city youth have role models who did not graduate from high school but are millionaires. Even though this shows hard work and perseverance, they have to know the struggle it took to get there. They also have to know that the brains behind most of the  artists they look up to have post-secondary degrees.

I know as an educator that I cannot solve all of the problems of the education world but I hope to encourage one child at the time that education is essential to any success that you could ever achieve. I also want to remind our students that there are people in other countries that would die to get the free education they have. Don’t let it pass you by….

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