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A Thin Line Betwen Discipline and Child Abuse

A Thin Line Betwen Discipline and Child Abuse (Adrian Peterson) | Yes, We Rise


A Thin Line Between Discipline And Child Abuse

Peace Family!

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking really hard about Adrian Peterson’s indictment on felony child abuse after giving his 4-year old son a “whooping” with a “tree branch”!

[See: Vikings running back Adrian Peterson faces two years in prison if found guilty of child abuse]

Old school discipline?

Quite honestly, I feel for the brother. I truly believe him when he said that he didn’t intend on harming his son and that he only gave his son the same disciplining that he received as a child. However, I feel that he may have “gone in” just a bit too much, considering his size and strength relative to his son’s small stature.

Still, I feel for him because I remember receiving the SAME type of discipline from my dearly departed grandmother – who I loved and respected tremendously, by the way. My grandmother obviously was not of similar stature as AP, BUT, it damn sure felt like a professional was beating my tail when granny laid hands upon me. I say that with a big smile on my face!

Actually, my grandmother didn’t touch me with her hands. My “whoopings” were just like the one AP laid on his son – a la “Tree Branch”, commonly referred to as the infamous “Switch”! The only difference is that my grandmother was “gracious” enough to let me go to the tree and pick my own switch. Thanks Granny...I say very facetiously.

The wild thing about it is that I don’t know what was more torturous in those moments – the actual ass whooping itself OR the torment of how bad the ass whooping was going to be as I ventured on the long, slow, walk to the tree and back to my grandmother.

Spare the rod, spoil the child? 

The other challenge to overcome was deciding which switch to pick! Do I pick the really skinny switch or the fat one? Either way, I knew my ass was about to get “lit up”! Knowing this, I remember strategizing at the age of 4 or 5 that if I started crying BEFORE I reached my grandmother, then maybe I could muster sympathy from her. FAT CHANCE!!!

Anyway, to make a long story short…I am a product of the “Spare the rod, Spoil the child” mindset. How did that childhood disciplining work out for me in my development into manhood? I’d say it worked out well since I turned out to be an actual “Rocket Scientist” and a world-class DJ!!

In my very honest opinion, I AM THANKFUL FOR THOSE WHOOPINGS – not only from my grandmother but also from my mother! I am thankful that they were “given” to me at an early age – early enough to make me think twice, sometimes even THRICE – before getting into any serious trouble! Pondering on what would my grandmother or mother would do to me if I followed the foolish antics of some of my peers pretty much kept me out of trouble throughout my childhood and adolescent years!

A Thin Line Betwen Discipline and Child Abuse (Adrian Peterson) | Yes, We Rise
Adrian Peterson
Again, in my honest and humble opinion, corporal punishment aka “whoopings” and/or “spankings” CAN work for the benefit of the child IF it comes with a PURPOSE. The purpose should be the teaching of a valuable lesson – a lesson that will benefit the child as he/she grows up! Before each whooping that I got as a child, I received a thorough explanation WHY I was about to get whooped! After each whooping (which became less to nonexistent as I grew in my understanding of the system of Rewards and Punishments), the meaning of the whooping was re-iterated; but guess what came next? I got a big ol’ HUG and a sincere “I LOVE YOU BABY” from my grandmother and from my mom!!

WOW! What I wrote just brought a few tears of joy to mine eyes. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated those whoopings until I wrote that last passage.

Is there a lesson behind the punishment?

In retrospect, there was tremendous love behind each “lick” that I took. My grandma and mom didn’t want me to become another statistic – another Black man getting caught up in “The System”.

Those ass whoopings made me do something that I seldom see in the shenanigans displayed far too often in YouTube, Facebook, and World Star videos. The discipline that I received through corporal punishment as a child made me THINK BEFORE I ACT. That discipline at such a young age made me think about the consequences and repercussions of the choices I make in life. Yes, I committed a few foolish acts as an adolescent. However, I never caught a case. I learned the lesson that Adrian Peterson was trying to teach his 4-year old son – to keep his hands to himself. Okay, the irony of the situation is that AP did it while beating his child. You get the point though! smh

Seriously, I hope that AP continues to teach his kids right from wrong, albeit with a lighter touch. As the child learns right from wrong, his touch (in the form of discipline) should get lighter and lighter. One day, AP will have the luxury of only having to employ “The Look” (the kind of look that my dad gave me) that will give his kids the signal that they better straighten up or get tightened up by the belt or the switch!

I pray that ANY good, loving parent who was raised the way AP and I were raised will be able to use corporal punishment constructively such that they don’t have to worry about the dilemma of:

Sparing The Rod... or Catching A Case!!

One Love and Good Parenting!
DJ Scientific aka Markie B


  1. I got to pick my own switch at Granny's too!

  2. LOL! So, Tonya C, what was it like for you on your walk to the tree and back? :O)

    Also, since we had similar experiences, how do you feel today about spanking or "whooping" kids? Like I said in the blog, I'm not opposed to it; but I would not go in as hard as AP did. I do think there is a line (not sure exactly where it is though) that could be crossed where you could label it as abuse. Just my 2 cents...

    Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it!