Thursday, August 14, 2014

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You Can Never Love A Child Too Much

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My emotions are raw right now. I am a mother. I am a mother of three sons. I am a mother of three sons who live in St. Louis County, MO. And that makes me concerned.

When I heard about Mike Brown on Saturday afternoon, I was at the beauty shop. Someone mentioned it after reading about it on their phone. At that time, he didn't have a name. It was posted that an unarmed man was shot by the police. That was it. It was only later, that I heard bits and pieces of his story. Street version and media version. And it was then that my mind immediately went to what his mother going through.

As mothers of sons of color, our hearts go out to them. We already see the deck stacked against them. Some attribute that deck to their own decisions. Others to the neglect of "The Village". I will not use this space to defend either of those arguments. Instead, I want to come as a mother to simply say,

"Sister, I too love my sons. I believe Our Creator has a divine plan for each one of them. And No matter what man says, our sons are loved. Our sons are intelligent. Our sons have purpose. And our sons will be in our hearts every day."

No one can deny a mother's love for her child. No matter what the tattoos and piercings may look like to others, a mother will always see her child's heart. I was reminded of this song, "You Are So Beautiful To Me." That's how I see all of my sons. Beautiful and strong.

Grace and peace. May all of our children be well.


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