Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you? | Yes, We Rise
As I sit back on this damp and grey day I reflect back to who inspired me to love fashion and clothes. Who first taught me about quality and dressing like a lady.

*even though some days it does not happen*

It had to be my paternal grandmother Viola or Vi. Vi was hot stuff back in the day. Avid sewer and would make many of the gowns and dresses she would wear to different formals with my grandfather (they were the black upper crust in Chicago).

My grandfather recently passed and we got a bunch of pictures from when they were much younger out on the town (way before me… hell could have been before my dad) Vi was fashion forward not only back then but she would be now as well.

I look at the ways that our society has changed, where we don’t dress up for anything anymore. I remember when you had to be half way dressed to fly; now people will fly in their pajamas.

I remember the lessons of my past, like wearing a slip with a dress or a skirt. Most women look at me funny when I say I wear a slip… like I just took a poop on their living room floor, never mind the body smoother that I wear to keep the blubber in check.

This seems to be a lost art of dressing, this along with ironing your clothes… lol

Any who back to Mrs. Vi, the original Moore Diva…. She taught me well, my mom being a tom boy, (she taught me how to check my oil and change a tire) granny helped me have that extra girlie side to my personality. She showed me that it is quality pieces over quantity. And that you invest in good garments and it will last you a while. Now Vi liked a barging as much as the next person but she would not be above paying full price if she had to, she just did not like having to.

Who inspires you? | Yes, We RiseShe influenced the woman that I am. Being the only girl and having a tom boy mom, Vi was the help I needed. We would be in the bathroom in the morning getting dressed and putting on her makeup before work (Mrs. Vi did not leave the house without her face*).

She made it all seem easy, as an adult I don’t know how she did it. But Viola was my inspiration, I hope she can be proud of the woman I have grown into, well at least the parts that don’t rant and rave on facebook, lol (she would not be surprised she knew her grandbaby).

So who inspired you and your love of fashion and beauty? Was it family? Or outside source?

'Til Next Time
Love, Peace and All Things Pretty
~The Diva V~


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