Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Weddings and Funerals

(Logo for My Wedding)

What is it about these two events that bring out the absolute worst in people?

One is supposed to be a happy occasion celebrating the joining of two people as one. Another is a sad occasion to mark the passing of a life, and remembering that person. These two events should be times to bring family and friends together in the spirit of support and love. One to celebrate the happy couple and the other to remember a loved one.

Yet, this when people act a plum fool.

Friends, family, and even total strangers are always willing to offer up unsolicited advice about both.

How many kids you should have.

When do you plan to have kids? 

Oh, you know you are not a spring chicken so you need to squeeze out some kids right away. 

You know you should take his name. 

Oh, I didn't do that at my wedding. 

Why are you getting married there?  Y'all from there? 

Oh, you are not over the passing of so and so yet? Its been a good 6 months… 

Oh, did you get anything in the will? 

Y'all balling now? What will you do with that big ol' house?

The list of questions and advice keeps rolling in; day in, day out. It does not matter if you want to talk about it or not. And the ones you thought you could count on, to be your rock, to be in your corner, are the very ones who are not there. You find yourself alone on this adventure.

When I told people I was getting married I just KNEW I was going to be different, I was not going to have that wedding party drama. Nerp not going to. My girls are better than that, they will be just fine. Clearly, I lied to myself thinking I was special and above the drama. HA! The drama has landed squarely on my front steps.


Drama or not, I will be getting married to my beloved fiance, come hell or high water.

While most of the funerals I have been to have been pretty drama free, I have heard my fair share of stories of so-called loved ones who had enough drama for a fake reality TV show.

It is truly sad that we have become so judgmental that we cannot be happy for our friends/family during their times of joy and help them mourn during times of sadness.


I won’t do my usual sign off… I'll just say...
 Be Blessed and Enjoy Life and what it has to offer.

~The Diva V~


  1. Love the wedding logo!! And yes weddings and funerals bring out the WORST in people.

  2. Tresie CallmeBlessed WrightAugust 27, 2014 at 12:39 PM

    Girl you were right on point! Loved it!

  3. Thanks... yes i am finding out the hard way... smh

  4. So true ! Take what you find useful from others and ignore the rest. Be blessed in your new life.