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Are "Them Hoes" For Real or Nah?

Are "The Hoes" for real or nah? | Yes, We Rise
Chris Brown, on the set of "Loyal"
Peace Fam!

You know, I’m LOL and SMH at the same damn time right now. Why? Well, on the heels of my 4-part series on how Hip-Hop has changed over the years – where the “Love” in Hip-Hop has been replaced more often than not with “Misogyny” – guess what new school song has hit a tremendous milestone over the past few weeks? A song with the catchy hook “Them Hoes Ain’t Loyal” officially received the much heralded Platinum Plaque!

That’s right! “Them Hoes” has essentially become a world-wide phenomenon by selling 1 million singles and also by virtue of receiving over 100 million views of its video.

I’m not a hater y’all. So, Big Ups to Chris Brown and Team Breezy for pulling off a feat that doesn’t occur for every Rapper or Singer that often anymore. After hearing the news, a question immediately came to mind: Could this song stand the test of time and become a Classic record? What actually makes a record “Classic” these days?

At first, I thought, “No Way in Hell!” could this song become a Classic. Then, I had a second thought because it has pretty much reached cult-classic status already with over 100 million video views! In actuality, I think it will become a true Classic; and I say this from a DJ’s perspective – the perspective that sees the crowd’s positive reaction every time I drop it at a party.

Despite the unflattering message to all of my Queens out there, this new school R&B/Hip-Hop sensation has got an infectious beat and some catchy lyrics; and the hook can be applied to damn near any life situation you can think of. Those are the primary ingredients of Classic Flavor!

Man, in my everyday life, I often catch myself applying this song to real-life situations. For instance, if I watch the news and see that Congress or the Senate has made yet another anti-Obama move (Read: President Obama: Republicans blocked 500 bills), I find myself chanting “Them Hoes Ain’t Loyal!”

When I see cops choking a man to death in broad day light (Read: Choke hold by cop killed NY man, medical examiner says), I find myself defiantly singing, “Them Cops Ain’t Loyal!”

When I saw a dude in a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt being arrested (Read: Man Arrested Wearing Kappa T-Shirt, Immediately Slandered), I flip the script and chant, “Them Bros Ain’t Loyal!” LOL!

Are "The Hoes" for real or nah? | Yes, We Rise
Pastor Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple
When a song has that much flexibility then it’s almost guaranteed to be around for a long time. Though I can see myself cringing every time I play this song in front of my momma or one of my elders, I’m thinking that they could actually relate to the song too. I could see them applying the track to any person(s) who committed an ill act toward someone. I could see them back in the day looking at the folks who shaped the policies of Jim Crow and saying loudly, “Them Hoes Ain’t Loyal”! Ok, that was a stretch right there; but, I know you get the picture!

Actually, it's not much of a stretch when you've got pastors in church using "Them Hoes" in their sermons: (Read: Pastor Jamal Bryant Blurts Out 'These Hoes Ain't Loyal' During Sermon, Causes Controversy.)

Hmmmmmm…now that I think of it, with all things considered, I guess “Them Hoes” ain’t really that bad after all!! It all depends on how you look at it. It’s all subjective, in my opinion.

Will I be playing “Them Hoes Ain’t Loyal” next year or the year after that or the year after that? Honestly, I can see it! However, I’m really hoping that one day soon, we’ll start hearing some more meaningful songs that will become Classics. Only time will tell…

**Markie B./ DJ Scientific**


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