Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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The Strength of Malachi Paul's Song

The events of the past few weeks have given me a feeling that is hard to describe; a feeling of sadness with overtones of disgust and malaise. Because I have a strong sense of faith – one that is growing daily, as it turns out – and I know that in all things God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good, I shrugged it off and did what I needed to do.

I worked. I prayed. I went down my to-do list. I went to medical appointments.

But I could not write. I couldn’t share whatever was going on... not that I knew what was going on. My surly self was stuck, confused, and wondering if my sons and their children would ever live a life where their value would be based on who they were. Period. We dark-skinned folk, so privilege-by-color is not stacked in our favor.

And then, this happened!

A little boy lost his song and found his strength. A strong woman was there to help him pull out of his core exactly who he was; he seemed to be looking up and praying at one point. But then Momma left and he was standing all alone on that very large stage, and Malachi Paul nailed it.

Like the Biblical Malachi, he brought a message and gave voice to what should be done. The spirit of Paul in him stood up and showed us what that message looked like when it was done. A little boy. He cried his tears, faced his fears, sang his song and stood on his strength.

And as I cried while I watched little Malachi, I figured my little bout of “oh Lord what we gone’ do” had run its course. God is still in control. Whether the National Guard, elected judges and district attorneys, rioters, looters, professionals speaking the King’s English and BooBoo speaking “what he say?”, none of them hold my future in their hands.

God is able. He’s my father. So, in the midst of it all, I’m able. I have a job to perform, words to write, young men to encourage, a granddaughter to giggle with, parents to help and friends and family to love. I have a call to do what I am called to do. And so do you. So do we all.

I’m saying thank you to Malachi Paul, in a very public way, for the strength of his song. Love you, dude.



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