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In Fashion, Sizing Matters

Yes, We Rise|  In Fashion Sizing Matters
Ladies, Divas, Sista-Girls….

I have an issue. Well a pet peeve really. I need grandmothers to get out of the Jr. Size department. Now I know you all are wondering, What in the fragel nackle is she talking about?

Ok Background Story:

While unemployed I started working at Kohl’s, in MJM (Misses Juniors Mens). Often times I would be in the Jr. department cleaning the fitting room and I would see “older” (and when I say older I mean, older than a teenager) women in the Jr. department shopping for themselves. Most would look rather crazy, trying on clothes that did not really fit their figure and were way too young for them to have on.

Juniors is marketed to 12 year olds and “up” (that “up” is about 19). Sorry, but if you and your child/grandchild have the same exact outfit and it’s not mother-daughter picture day, there is a wee bit of a problem. I know there are some women who can still fit Junior, yes I know. But 90% of the chicks I saw in that department had no business being there.

Not only was there a fit problem, but a level of taste problem too. Even teens who have had a baby, often times cannot go back to the Junior’s department; their body has changed. There is no going back… But why would you want to?

Sizing matters

My first round of working in retail I learned the difference in the sizing. Junior, Missy and Woman (that is the W behind the number like 18W), there are others like petite and tall. Some Woman or Plus Size come in petite or short and tall or long. Junior cut is a slim cut, like a teenage girl. It is narrower in the bust and shoulder area and narrower in the hips. When you get to the Missy cut you have a fuller bust and hip cut to accommodate a womanly figure (y’all know that hour glass shape). The Woman cut is the fullest cut with ample room in the bust, hip and thighs. Now this sizing in nowhere near perfect, but it is what it is, currently.

Most women fall in the Missy sizing, which is why the Miss, Misses, Missy department is the largest in most department stores. Most follow the traditional 0-16 sizing, on even numbers, sometimes you can find an 18 or 20 in Missy. Junior sizing is usually 0-17 on the odd numbers. Why it is odd numbers? I have no idea. And last but not least Woman or Plus Size usually starts at 14W to 24W. These are the standards and norms for retail. There are some retailers who go larger than 24W, there are some who do not use the size 2, 4, 6, and they have a 1, 2, and 3 which is usually a size range like S, M, and L.

Sizing is different in each department

I know you are wondering if a Missy size 14 is the same as a Woman size 14. Good Question.

The quick answer is NO. Typically a W or Woman cut is 2 sizes bigger than Missy. So if you wear a size 16 in Missy you can more than likely fit a size 14W in the woman’s department. Currently I wear a size 18W, but I can get into a size 16 (missy size) to a size 22W, just depends on the designer and the cut. You have to try clothes on to find the right cut that flatters your shape. Women are like snowflakes, no two are alike.

SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO Ladies, Diva’s, Sista-Girls, can we promise, do a pinkie swear, to stay out of Jr, unless we are shopping for a daughter, niece, or play cousin, and buy clothes that fit our womanly curves that we so rightly have grown into?

Lets just try it for the fall and see how we like it…. Go ahead try. Don’t be scared. I will go with you if need be….

‘Til Next Time Love, Peace, and All things Pretty (that fit correctly, too)

~The Diva V~


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