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The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The Conclusion & The Solution

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The conclusion & the solution

The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The Conclusion & The Solution

Peace Fam! So, now we’ve arrived at this final installment of a 4-part blog on what I’ve described as a conspiracy in the world of Hip-Hop. Essentially, this conspiracy is a sneaky plot by the “Powers That Be” in this society to continue a long legacy of oppression over the Black community. Controlling the influential culture known as Hip-Hop is one of the means by which the oppression has continued to exist.

People who control our airwaves (radio and television) have the ability to persuade us to like this or to like that. Don’t believe me? Well ask yourself this:

How many times have you heard a song for the first time on the radio and you were not feeling it? However, after you’ve heard the same song played for the hundredth time, the tune actually started to grow on you. Then, after you saw the video for the song (which again was played over and over on your favorite station), you actually start humming or singing the song at some point during the course of a normal day.

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The conclusion & the solution
Now, the song you once detested is locked into your psyche! If that’s ever been the case for ANY song you’ve heard, then you’ve been conditioned to like it. The Program Directors on your favorite radio or TV station have done their jobs quite well because you have now been PROGRAMMED!! BAM, they got you too!!

This is some serious ish my beloved people! As an adult, I’m wise and intelligent enough to decipher right from wrong. I’m no longer the impressionable pre-teen, teen, or young adult who was led to do some pretty bone-headed things back in the day, mostly by way of peer-pressure and trying to “fit in” with certain groups of people.

I’m the way I am (wise and intelligent) because I had great parents and other mature individuals in my life who helped me interpret a lot of the experiences I had in my youth – things like the music I listened to, the books or magazines that I read, and the programs that I watched on TV.

However, many of today’s pre-teens, teens, and young adults do not have similar guidance or similar role models as I had. A lot of kids today get their guidance from the radio, TV, magazines, and peers. Additionally, the subject matter of the music and videos that the youth of today witness is much different than mine used to be.

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The conclusion & the solution
When you couple impressionable youth with questionable subject matter and little to no guidance from mature role models, you now have a potential problem on your hands. We’ve had a problem on our hands for the past 2 decades because our kids are being led down a path of destruction via poor or negligent programming on radio and TV – a modern day “Mis-Education of the Negro”!!

Honestly, I think it’s a shame for commercial outlets to marginalize Hip-Hop to the point where the masses (mainly our impressionable youths) are exposed to only a tainted version of the art form. We’re being exposed to the negative, Heavy Rotation version that attacks 3 of the 5 the basic senses of humanity. Follow me…

Through the radio waves, our audible senses are attacked because we HEAR songs in constant, heavy rotation that speak to misogyny, glorified violence, and drug use. Through videos, our sense of sight is attacked because we SEE acts of misogyny, glorified violence, and drug use. Depending on how loud you blast those negative vibes through your headphones, your whips, or your home sound system, you can actually FEEL the vibrations of negativity throughout your entire body!! WOW!!! Talk about being hit from all angles…

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The conclusion & the solution
If one doubts the power, and the persuasiveness of Hip-Hop, then follow these steps: Look at any Hip-Hop video, then look at almost any major city in America (and abroad if you like). I’ll bet my next paycheck that many people in the street mimic the language, the wardrobe, and the swagger that you see from the artists in the videos. Still not convinced?

If you still do not believe that a conspiracy exists today where the mindset of the Black community is being conditioned to embrace a particular train of thought with actions that may follow suit, then revisit some of the questions asked in my previous blogs and ask yourself:

How did Hip-Hop migrate from the socio-political consciousness and Black awareness of the ‘80s and early ‘90s to the gross propagation of Black-on-Black violence that is overwhelmingly present in today’s Hip-Hop? Why do we have a thriving underground Hip-Hop scene where conscious thought is still alive and well; yet on the radio sets and TV screens, all we see are “artists” who glorify sex, violence, misogyny, and other things that belittle and degrade Black people as a whole? Why is it that we see little to no positive, Black, male role models in Hip-Hop? Who is at the seat of this alleged conspiracy in Hip-Hop?

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy: The conclusion & the solution
My answer would be the folks who own the media outlets. Accordingly, the solution that I propose is to call your radio stations and TV stations and DEMAND that more positive styles of Rap music be played so our youth can possibly be steered in a more positive direction. As in life, there is a Yin and a Yang, a good and a bad that keeps the world revolving. Force your favorite media outlets to play more of the good stuff. It IS out there and the music is still HOT! If you’re a TRUE fan of Hip-Hop like me, then tell them to play the artists that YOU like!

TOGETHER we can turn this conspiracy around and use Hip-Hop as a motivational tool to better our community and not destroy it! That’s the way is supposed to be!

Love and Beats!!
Markie B. aka DJ Scientific

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