Thursday, August 28, 2014

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First Week Back to School Blues: 5 Tips to get you through the transition

5 tips to transition back to school| Yes, We Rise
Parents and Educators, the first week back to school is very hard on everyone: teachers, parents, and especially students. It means going to bed early again, setting the alarm clocks, and getting back into daily routines of homework and discipline. To help ease the transition, I want to offer a few tips that will help to get you back on track.

Tip #1

Pace Yourself. Things will get accomplished. Once the students are in bed those are the time to sign those back to school first week forms. Students tell me all the time that they give the papers to the parent as they are dropping them off hence not getting signed. You can almost guarantee they will have forms for you to sign the first week.


Brush up on your homework skills. With the new Common Core Curriculum, there are going to be assignments you never have seen before in all your years of schooling. The math is solved differently and the ways of writing that simple essay are out of the window. Check out the common core website for tips on how to help your child with homework . Also go on and type in any topic to get online tutoring for some of the subjects.

Tip #3

Take time for yourself. Things will get accomplished. You are no help to your child or students if you are stressed. Take some time to reflect on things that need to get done versus what you want to do. It helps to place things into perspective. Breathe, Think, and get it done. It will help to keep your head on straight. Remember Rome was not built in one day. Neither will this school year.

Tip #4

Keep your child busy for free. Encourage participation in clubs or sports. Even your honors babies… Believe me colleges love well-rounded students. Even if they have 4.0’s, it makes for a better student, child, citizen.

Tip #5

Enjoy what you do. You chose this life either as an educator or a parent. Make this time work for you and make it a great year.

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