Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Dear Barack: Who Gon' Protect Us?

Dear Barack,

Can I call you that? I mean, I know you’re the President . . . and we have met, but we aren’t friends – and you probably don’t recall me . . . but Barack? Don’t you see this? Don’t you feel this?

Where you at? I mean, I know you are in Martha’s Vineyard – and you have had a birthday – and celebrated Vernon Jordan’s wife’s birthday – but . . . where you at? In 2007/2008, you campaigned and said you were black like me – can’t catch a cab like me . . . but my sons are getting shot in the street . . . Where you at?

I was proud when you said something about Trayvon Martin could have been your son –

Embarrassed as the white media took it to something ape like – but even after your voice, we didn’t get the verdict; we didn’t win that one.

It seems since Trayvon, every week, a boy – whose hue is closest to you – is gunned down. The police have no problem with excessive force on us . . . If we look upon them funny, laugh and they don’t know what we are laughing at, walk differently, talk strangely, or even play music too loudly; we are targets. Sadly, black boys are targets at birth. Hated for being born – no crime committed – they just came in the body of a male. . .

But where are you, Barack? I have tried to protect you. People say ugly and mean things all the time – but now, when you could be a powerful protection – you are silent. I get Robin Williams – his death moved me, too. He was an icon, but I as I think about this – those dead boys could have been icons, too. They were snipped away too soon – at the hands of another . . . we still don’t know why in all cases. Racism is deep. Self-hate, deeper.

Where are you Barack? We rallied together to vote for you, uphold you – put you in a place of power . . . we love the image of you. The walk, the family, the black love – but at every turn, we have been dismissed. Barack – what if this were happening to you? What if your children were in dire straits and afraid to walk the streets? Oh wait – they are . . . Chicago. . . What if ‘Chelle and ‘nem went to the corner store, never to return? What would be the response then?

Way-a-mint . . . Way-a-mint . . .

I get it – it’s our fault . . . the parents didn’t parent. . . the boys should have listened to the police . . . we have allowed gangs to infiltrate our community, we have watched good citizens become low key, afraid, and uncaring . . . all the black women have multiple children with multiple men – we are on welfare and won’t get off . . . we don’t want better for our kids; ourselves, we watched local jobs leave communities to become Walmart – who won’t hire us because of an infraction when he was 15. Yeah, the law, the past is so unforgiving. So when one makes a mistake – how does it go away? Oh, wait . . . that is our fault too –

Sigh. We thought you would protect us. Speak for us? Help us.

But you can’t? Or wont?

My anger is directed at the local government, too, who because of their own issues with race and racism and ego and pride . . . why hasn’t the Mayor of any city called you? Why hasn’t the National Guard been called? Why haven’t the police been trained on sensitivity? Why haven’t the police been fired for racist comments? Why do the police feel above the law with gun in hand – caring not whose life they take . . . knowing if they kill us, it will be deemed a mire mistake? Why is it even possible I have seen videos of a white kid telling the police what he won’t do – and pulls a GUN on the white cop, but he lives to tell about it. . . but my son; our sons, are walking down the street – no weapons – are a threat; killed at the slightest movement – Barack, where are you?

Don’t you feel this pain? Don’t you understand the gravity of your silence? Do you care? Did the media punk you too deeply when you mentioned and sided with Trayvon’s parents? We have a black man as the head of the Justice department, but there is NO JUSTICE FOR US . . .

Folk think I am crazy . . . but tell me does this make sense: white BOYS shoot up a (any school. Several schools) school – and themselves, no one is afraid of them . . . white man goes into a movie theater and KILLS people – people he doesn’t know – and still no one is afraid of them . . . white man killed most of his family in TX, but he wasn’t shot by police; instead he was allowed a ‘standoff’ and captured once surrounded by several police cars . . . I could go on and on. . .

Barack, I don’t want to told my son tighter, I don’t want to tell him he can’t get a cab in NYC, or he’s a target on any street, that people will always look at him as less than and he must be twice as good to be considered equal – wait . . . you went to Harvard and they still don’t respect you (is that why you have opted out of us) where are you? I want my son to be FREE - in his home . . . in the land of the FREE; home of the BRAVE . . .

Right now, we need a leader . . . we need someone who can correct this and other wrongs . . . Barack, we need you. We need that passion, the identity; the acknowledgment of character of blackness of not being a threat . . . we need it. You ran on that; you spoke on race – the most eloquent of speeches since MLK – where are you? We need that Barack – the charisma, the nice, the fierceness, the understanding – all of that – but with a plan to overcome. We are dying in the streets.

More importantly, community, where are you? Why don’t haven’t we posited leaders with plans? Why isn’t there any accountability? Why haven’t we figured out that if we don’t come together, if we don’t work together, they will slowly annihilate us?

. . . Free as I wanna Be . . .
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  1. Great post! Love your sense of factual humor! Keep up the great work!

  2. J. White! Much love to you!!! Thanks for that feedback. It is greatly appreciated and very inspiring! I shall keep pressing forward!!!! :)