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Best Face Forward: Taking care of your skin is important when seasons change

Yes, We Rise| Taking care of your skin is important when seasons change

Winterizing your skin is important.

I posted last week about fall colors and the great colors coming for the fall. But let us not forget about your best asset…. YOUR FACE!!!

Just like you winterize your car, you need to “winterize” your skin. Not only on your face but your body as well. You should have skin care products for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. And the older you get the more important this becomes. The air is drier in the winter and you need to replace that moisture that is zapped from your face and body. It is a must that you exfoliate at least 2x a month, more if you are prone to dry skin (now if you have sensitive skin this can be tricky). And drink lots and lots of water.

While yes, I might sell a national brand of makeup and skin care, this is not about what I sell. This is about good skin care. I do recommend that you choose one product line and stick to the products in that line, because they are formulated to work together, you will get better results. So here are a few of my Do’s and Don’t’s for skin care:


  • Wash your face at least twice a day
  • Moisturize your face at least twice a day
  • Protect your face with SPF 15 at the very least every day even in the winter months


  • Don’t wash your face with SOAP!!!! It will dry your face out and not in a good way, even if you have oily skin you do not want to strip your face of all of its natural oils, this will cause it to make more and go into over drive.
  • Don’t skip taking off your makeup and don't sleep in a face full of makeup (yes, I am guilty of this myself)
  • Don’t forget to moisturize. I cannot emphases this enough. I know many people with oily skin think they do not need to moisturize but y'all do. Find a moisturizer that does not add oil to your skin but adds moisture back, there are several lines of skin care out there that cater to those with oily skin.
  • Don’t be so cheap that you do not find the best skin care for you.
  • Don’t’ forget the sun protection
  • Don’t forget to Drink Water (WATER NOT POP OR JUICE)

It might take a lot of trial and error to find the right skin care line for you. Do not skimp on paying for a good skin care line. I am not saying the most expensive is the best, but don’t be scared to pay a little money. It is worth it in the long run. Expensive is not always better. I tried a very expensive line, I hated it! I could not get past that they heavily perfumed their skin care products. OMG it was horrible, I felt like I was drowning in this heavy perfume, from the products. But Dove soap and water is not going to cut it either, FYI.

You might have to change companies from summer to winter, my skin goes from normal/combination in the summer to dry/extra dry in the winter months. I find the older I get the drier my skin becomes in the winter time. You might find that you need to add supplements to your skin care. I have to add an extra hydrating cream to my winter skin care, just so my cheeks are not dry and flaky.

Going to get a facial once a quarter (once every 4 months), is a great treat to your face. Do not be alarmed if you have a slight breakout after the facial that is normal, as the facial is pulling all of the dirt, oils, and other impurities out of your face (like the French fries you had last week for dinner). But if you have an adverse reaction, something other than a mild breakout seek professional help. If you have skin issues please seek professional help, i.e. a Doctor who is specialized in skin (the Dermatologist).

The skin on your body matters too

Let us not forget your body. In the winter months your body needs just as much attention as in the summer. When I turned 25, I noticed in the winter months (I was living at home in Chicago, where winters are brutal) my skin was so DRY!!! It was horrible, I itched on my torso and arms, from them being so dry. I would get the thickest lotion I could find at Walgreen's and by 1pm I would look like I rolled in flour. I was beyond ashy. I was an itchy, ashy mess. I just happen to be downtown Chicago, shopping of course and wandered in to the Body Shop. There I told the very nice sale man my tale of woe, of how I was an itchy, ashy mess. And he bestowed upon me manna from heaven (ok so I am a wee bit dramatic, but I was itchy sheesh).

He was like 1. You need to exfoliate at least once a week, and 2. You need to moisturize. The problem was that most of the body scrubs I used were too oily (if there can be such a thing to the dry, itchy mess) and would cause me to break out (yes, I am that chick, the exception to the rule). The body shop had this African spa body scrub that costs an arm and two legs, but it worked. I would buy one jar per season that would last me the whole season and I would get the body butter for extra dry skin. And that did the trick. Oh, I had to make a point to DRINK MORE WATER.

At 41, I am still a dry, itchy mess in the winter but I am better able to combat it and I have found other body
Yes, We Rise|  Best Face Forward
The Legendary & Beautiful Lena Horne
scrubs to help me along. Our skin goes through many changes as we age, from climate changes, to hormonal changes. We need to take the best care of it we can, so we can be stunning like Ms. Lena Horne who had flawless skin well into her 90's.

Divas lets pledge to take better care of ourselves, being beautiful from the inside out. Take care of your skin and it will give you years of looking amazing, and no body will guess your real age (wink). And don't forget to DRINK MORE WATER.

'Til Next Time
Love, Peace, and Drink More Water lol
~The Diva V~


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