Monday, August 25, 2014

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5 Ways To Get a New Perspective

5 ways to get a new perspective| Yes, We Rise

When you feel bad -- and things are not going your way -- don't give up. We can't always think our way through a situation or circumstance. We can be too wrapped up in it to see the solution clearly. Sometimes, you just have to step outside of the situation, given yourself some breathing room and get a new perspective.


1. GET INSPIRED -- Inspiration can come from many places and people, you just have to find what works for you. YOUTUBE has a plethora of speeches, presentations and commentaries on any given topic. You can create your own channel and save your favorites as you come across them and then access them anytime you need a little motivation. Here's one my new personal favorites:

2. EXPOSE YOURSELF TO SOMETHING NEW - When you open your mind to new ideas and experiences, you tap into new places in your mind and you begin to see things a different way. There are a lot of free and affordable classes that you can take online, but also in your community. Check with your local extension office, parks and recreation centers and even your local paper. You don't have to take a 6 week course; you'd be surprised how much you can absorb on a Saturday morning or a few nights a week ., is an education platform that partners with top universities (like Yale and Stanford) and organizations worldwide to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.

3. READ - Reading exposes us to knew ideas, increases our understanding and according to "a new study published in the journal Brain Connectivity, which shows that reading an interesting novel triggers measurable changes in the brain that remain for at least five days after the reading." My current favorite book is Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive by T.D. Jakes.

This short blurb gets at the heart of what the book is about:
"Regardless of where you are in life, it’s time to align your actions with your instincts, the inner wisdom of who you really are and what you’re made to do. You’ve been divinely equipped with a fundamental drive to realize your life’s potential. Your destiny and purpose can only be realized by researching what lies within."

TIP: If books aren't your thing, try a magazine. Don't pick the same magazine you always read, pick one that you've never read before or one that cover a topic you are not familiar with at all. Ideas and concepts can come from anywhere. (RULE: avoid magazines with a face on the cover).

4. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT - If you are always at home or work, you are missing out on a whole, big world outside your doors. Get out of the house. Go somewhere different. Even the doctor will tell a sick person to get outside and get some fresh air. The air around you gets stale. Plus, you will be amazed what you see and what you can learn just by being in an unfamiliar place. The park, a coffee shop, a university library, the mall... ANYWHERE.... just go out and be amongst the people. Sit, watch and observe... the change will do you good.

5. MAKE IT ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE - We have not been put on this earth, to be singular-minded, solitary individuals. That's, why we are born into families. Our destiny is inextricably linked to the people in our lives. The old folks used to say it this way "If I can help somebody..." One of the fastest and most rewarding ways to get a fresh perspective is to serve someone else. There are a plethora of short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities available to anyone who might be interested. If you don't want to commit to a group or organization, look around you. Somebody you know or don't know could use a little TLC, maybe an elderly neighbor needs help around the house or the kids in the community need an outlet... whomever, wherever... just do something for somebody else. The key is to not make it about getting anything in return or checking a box on your list of good deeds, just make it about being a blessing...when you give a blessing, you get a blessing.

There it is folks... 5 things you can do tomorrow... and that won't cost you a dime...

Peace, Joy and Love,
Michelle H.


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