Monday, July 14, 2014

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The other day as I pulled in the parking lot --- I had the pleasure of watching my "little neighbor" take her first solo bike ride on her brand new, two-wheeler. Now when I happened upon the scene, I could tell that what was going on between her, mommy and grandmom was nothing good. She was hysterical and screaming, mom was exasperated and frustrated and grandmom was just calling on help from above. The adults were fit to be tied and "done."

"Little neighbor," however was not to be deterred. She was going to ride that bike, on that day. So, with storm clouds rolling and winds blowing, my little neighbor screamed...




She wiped her face, rolled her bike over to the curb, so she could climb on, turned around and gave grandmom the look...and started pedaling. She strained to push the pedals around and her little face was getting red with determination. the pedals went around one time...the bike inched forward...grandmom said, "you got it." She raised off the seat and pushed the pedals around again, again and again...she told grandmom, "...okay, take one hand off now..." Grandmom obeyed and they were yells, "you can do got it, you got it" and she squeals with delight. Grandmom says "you're doing it, you're doing it!!" and it happened...she was riding.

Now my "little neighbor's" ride was far from perfect and she had more than a little help to get started, but the key is not that she had help, but that she made up in her mind that she was going to do it. She let go of her tears and her fears and she did it. Her inaugural ride got me to thinking about two videos I had seen recently...

Yes, We Rise|  You got this
Watch Amy break it all down:

Recently, I saw a TED TALK by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy. Amy studied hormone levels and body-language and concluded that changing your body posture can change what you think about yourself. In her talk she breaks down some basic postures, and shares how they can impact our success. The point of her research and her talk is that, sometimes we don't necessarily feel confident and we send ourselves messages that defeat us before we even begin. She shares that by simply assuming certain postures of confidence for two minutes -- we can change our situation. My "little neighbor, " assumed the posture of confidence and success when she was learning to ride...She reminded me about one of the main points of Amy's speech...


"Sometimes you just have to fake it 'til you become it."

The other video, has been floating around Facebook and it just blessed my spirit... for the same reason. In the video, Kayden Elijah walks on his prosthetics for the first time. It wasn't pretty and no one was sure he could do it...but HE did. He just pushed his walker forward and said "I GOT IT". He wobbled, almost fell and pushed himself past his limits...but he didnt quit. He just kept telling himself..."I GOT IT, I GOT IT!"

Yes, We Rise|  You got this
Watch Kayden take his first steps:
You may be facing challenges, but see them as opportunities. Perhaps you cant see the end of the road and feel like you will never get to the end...just put one foot infront of the other and start the journey, you will get there one day.
Whatever it is...just strike a pose (watch the TED TALK if you dont understand)...make up in your mind...YOU CAN DO IT....and then...JUST DO IT!

Peace, Joy and Love,
Michelle H.



  1. Marcus SmallwoodJuly 14, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    Singing "Put one foot in front of the other..." Thanks, this is something i normally pride myself in but i needed this reminder. Great timing.

  2. We all need a gentle reminder every now and then...thanks for reading!