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The Hip-Hop Conspiracy...Exposed!

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy... exposed!
Peace Fam! Over the past few weeks, we’ve shown how the art form and culture known as Hip-Hop has evolved over the years since its inception, taking a devious and quite suspicious turn toward the negative. Last week we touched on WHY this change has taken place, as it seems that Hip-Hop is now being used as a tool of divisiveness within the Black and Brown communities of our society.

Let’s truly unveil the Conspiracy that has taken place to use Hip-Hop against US. Let’s see why the unifying forces of Hip-Hop are now based primarily on principles Crime and Sex rather than Love and Peace.

Last week I made a very bold statement in saying this:

“I suggest that a conspiracy has been underway where Hip-Hop (or commercial Rap Music specifically) has been used as a tool to manipulate the thoughts and actions of an entire generation of mostly minority youths to do more negative deeds than positive ones.”

When you ask, “Why is that?” keep in mind that African Americans have been virtually controlled or “kept in check” in the U.S. for over 400 years. Through the evils of slavery, we have been conditioned (a la Pavlov) to think and act in certain ways – ways that have kept us divided and conquered as a people! So, when the “Powers That Be” see an oppressed people start to unite, then SOMETHING must be done to stop the wave of unification in order to keep the SYSTEM of oppression in place.

Follow my logic! Over the course of a decade, from around 1979 to 1989, Hip-Hop proved itself as one of the most influential “products” in Urban markets across the country. Masses of mostly young Black and Latino people would embrace it. In the early-to-mid ‘80s, those who embraced Hip-Hop culture told the stories of THE PEOPLE, the ones who for generations fell victim to the ills of a racist and unfair American society.

Initially, this musical genre known as Hip-Hop tapped into the psyches of those mostly in the inner city. However, after its introduction to commercial radio, it spread not only into the psyches of suburban culture, but also it crossed racial divides, oceans, continents, etc to become the voice of THE PEOPLE around the globe. I mentioned this in my first blog when I recalled seeing Blacks, Whites, and Asians break dancing on the Champs Elysées back in 1984!

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy... exposed!

Basically, Hip-Hop went “viral” within a few years after going “commercial”. That infectious, Hip-Hop vibe spread from the South Bronx to Hoods around the world!! Today, Hip-Hop’s power and influence is recognized by the fact that this so-called “fad” (circa 1980) has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Ok, so you may be asking yourself, “What’s up with the so-called conspiracy?”

Well, from the mid-to-late ‘80s, there was a resurgence of the Black Power/Black Pride movement of the ‘60s. Many rappers sampled songs from artists like James Brown, who told folks back in the day to “Say It Loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!” The era of “Conscious Rap” began to make young Blacks (like me and many of my friends) think of themselves in a more positive mindset. In particular, it made many young Black folk start reading about their history and planning for a brighter future.

It was this conscious Hip-Hop music coming from artists like Public Enemy, Kool Moe Dee, Boogie Down Productions, X-Clan, and the like that motivated me to read about Black History. It also motivated me to excel in education and to increase my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding on how to be most effective in this oftentimes ill society!

The Hip-Hop culture of the mid-to-late ‘80s made young Blacks across the country start wearing the ever present green, black, and red Africa medallions instead of the diamonds and gold chains, and other “bling” that you see today. It also made them (and me) start being more proud to be Black because of our rich heritage – the heritage that was often expressed in the Rap songs that I heard!

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy... exposed!

In my opinion, as young Blacks started speaking up for themselves and started being proud of who they were through the music they heard, young people across the globe embraced the same sentiment. It was as if the stories about inner city life in America were the same as those in the inner cities all over the world! Basically, the Hip-Hop state of mind was (and still is) a global phenomenon!

So, as Hip-Hoppers were riding this positively unifying wave of self-consciousness, the Conspirators saw this!! Then, a strange, new fruit came along. The late ‘80s and early ‘90s saw the emergence of a new and equally persuasive form of rap – “Gangsta Rap”! Now, THIS is what the conspiracy makers (the proverbial “Powers That Be” in this society) were waiting for. Where “Conscious Rap” was getting the conspirators nowhere FAST with regard to quelling the ambitions of young Blacks in the inner city, “Gangsta Rap” was the seed the conspirators wanted (and needed) to control the thoughts and actions of generations of Black folk to come.

Now, to be fair, there was a time in the early nineties when there were many different types of rappers in the mainstream. Artists such as P.M. Dawn, Arrested Development, and Pharcyde shared the charts with NWA and the like. However, during that time, the conspirators made a decision to marginalize rap as consisting of only one type of expression - one that glorifies sex, drugs, and a thug lifestyle versus one that speaks to the uplift and unification of a community. If you weren’t “gangsta”, then you would not get a deal (a philosophy that still seems to exist in 2014).

Accordingly, as Hip-Hop became increasingly more commercial, it seemed that mainstream radio, television, and print media, in general, changed the tenor of what we were hearing and seeing on a daily basis. As “Conscious Rap” taught people that education was the key to success, that KNOWLEDGE was POWER; “Gangsta Rap” taught and continues to teach many people:

  1. That the gun is mightier than the pen,
  2. That the only real money comes from hustling and not from an education,
  3. That Black men are best suited for “The Trap” instead of a classroom or a boardroom,
  4. That women (Black women specifically) are no better than garden utensils,
  5. That our male role models are pimps, hustlers, and gangstas instead of engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, and the like,
  6. That it is just as good to take money as it is to go out and make money!!

Also, with so many senseless murders on the rise during the ascent of Gangsta Rap, the value of Black life seemed to diminish. According to statistics in 2000 from the Department of Justice, “There were dramatic increases in both homicide victimization and offending rates among young black males in the late 1980’s and 1990’s…” So, as the noose was to the Black man during Jim Crow, Gangsta Rap has been to the Black man over the past 20+ years or so!!

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy... exposed!
Again, if you are still asking, “Where’s the conspiracy in Hip-Hop?” then consider this. When acts such as Ice T and NWA emerged with “Gangsta Rap,” the glorified violence in many of the songs gave Rap Music a bad name within mainstream America. However, “the streets” were listening to this music (and the conspirators saw this).

As Rock and Heavy Metal music have had an influence on young White people, the conspirators saw that Hip-Hop had a very strong influence on young Black people. I imagine that one of the conspirators stood up at their annual meeting and shouted, “Hey, let’s figure out a way to use their own music against them! Instead of using the conscious, uplifting style of music, let’s focus on this ‘Gangsta Rap’ phenomenon that we’ve been seeing!” Is it a coincidence that as Black-on-Black crimes, teenage pregnancies, and other non-value-added activities were on the rise in the Black community, so were songs on the radio and on TV screens that spoke to this ever-growing trend? Coincidence or Conspiracy? Hmmmmmm… Stay with me and we’ll talk more next week!

Love and Beats! 
Markie B. aka DJ Scientific 

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