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The Hip-Hop Conspiracy...

Yes, We Rise| The Hip-Hop Conspiracy
Peace Fam!!

So, last week in my first blog [Read: HipHop has changed], we touched on the subject of how Hip-Hop has changed over the years. We briefly talked about how we've morphed from chanting phrases like "Hey Ladies... Hey Fellas!!!" to the gratuitous use of "Niggas, Bitches, and Hoes" that we hear daily in today's Rap songs.

We also stated that those terms are NOT what the founding fathers of Hip-Hop (cats like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, etc.) had in mind as they embraced the concepts of "Love, Peace, Unity, and Fun." Remember, those founding principles of Hip-Hop were a true, unifying force that oftentimes brought enemies in the Hood together, such that their "battles" were those fought with two turntables and a microphone instead of guns and knives!

Clearly, we see that a change has taken place in Hip-Hop over the years since its glory days, and not necessarily a change for the better. What was once a unifying force founded on Love has been transformed into somewhat of a communally destructive tool. PLEASE understand that I'm referring to commercial or mainstream Rap. I'm quite thankful for an underground presence that has stayed true to the core of the founding principles of Hip-Hop since Day One.

Wow! When I think of what I just wrote, I find it odd that the artists who still embrace the founding principles of Hip-Hop are now "Underground", as if they're on the run or something! As The Teacha said back in the day, "Why is That"?

Well, let's go ahead and dig deep. We’ve talked about the “How”. Now, let’s determine WHY the genre has changed. I submit that the ill changes we're talking about have been by design, not by accident, and very surreptitious in nature!

To me, the situation we’ve been facing in Hip-Hop culture for the past 2 decades is synonymous with someone secretly infecting a computer system with a malicious virus. When the virus takes root within the system, all of the programs become damaged. In this case, the virus is the music (mainstream or commercial Rap) and the system being affected is Hip-Hop culture (in other words, the global Hip-Hop community). Thus, the infected programs are the people who dwell within the community (our youths for the most part)! The result of this infection is Universal Mind Control, where youths in Hoods around the world are being led to certain actions and activities based solely on the content of the music to which they listen!! In essence, the result has culminated into the modern day “mis-education” of our youth because the music is teaching, virtually instructing them how to talk, dress, and act.

Stay with me!! Sit back and let this quote marinate on your brain cells for a moment:

“When you control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his “proper place” and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.”  -Dr. Carter G. Woodson from The Mis-Education of The Negro

This quote is powerful and poignant. The statement, written over 80 years ago, still holds true today. It speaks of how a body of individuals (large or small in number) can be “controlled” without force. It speaks of how societal norms and customs can be designed and used to keep people in “their place.” What Carter G. Woodson described as “mis-education” is essentially “mind control” or programming a person’s thoughts in order to direct their actions.

 In Dr. Woodson’s era, the tools of control came via Jim Crow laws, publicly sanctioned (and quite bogus) “Separate but Equal” education policies, and the like. Discriminatory laws, along with other racist norms of our society, were used to keep African Americans in their place – as second class citizens who weren’t even worthy of sitting at the front of the infamous bus. Seeing and hearing constant, recurring images and sounds of racism dictated the actions of African Americans. Over time, African Americans didn’t have to be told to go to the back of the bus because, as Dr. Woodson alludes, their “education” dictated that they do so without question.

Today, as it has been for decades, the tools of control to keep many African Americans “in their place” are Radio, Television, and Print media; and, yes...mainstream Hip-Hop culture! Ironically, as Hip-Hop was created by African Americans as a tool of unification within our troubled inner cities, it can be argued that the art form has been twisted and contorted into a tool of communal destruction. It’s been transformed, by way of commercial Rap music, laced with the “Niggas, Bitches, and Hoes” mentality, into that computer-like virus that has virtually destroyed the Love, Peace, Unity, and pure Fun that was once a staple in Hip-Hop culture instead of the anomaly that it is today.

“How is this so?” you may ask. Well, for the past 20+ years, the three forms of media – Radio, TV, and Print - have bombarded airwaves, magazines, and the internet with recurring sounds and images of materialism, violence, misogyny, and drugs - most of which are directed primarily toward the African American community, our youths in particular. Was this all done by chance, or do we have a conspiracy in our midst? I’m leaning toward a conspiracy!

Ask yourself why, for over 2+ decades, African American youths have been “programmed” more often than not to do things like “Superman (That Hoe)” (misogyny), to believe things like “Them Hoes Ain’t Loyal”, to carelessly spend money on “Bling Bling” (materialism), or to think it’s cool to “Knuck if You Buck” (glorified violence)! Ask yourself why current, mainstream “Hip-Hop” is NOT being used (as it was prior to the conspiracy) to motivate our young men to do things like “Be a Father To Your Child” (Ed O.G. and the Bulldogs), or to enlighten our young men and women on the importance of education because “You Must Learn” (Boogie Down Productions), or to inform the masses on the ills of a corrupt, criminal-justice system by proclaiming that in certain communities “911 Is A Joke” (Public Enemy).

I suggest that a conspiracy has been underway where Hip-Hop (or commercial Rap Music specifically) has been used as a tool to manipulate the thoughts and actions of an entire generation of mostly minority youths to do more negative deeds than positive ones. In my opinion, the conspirators knew this: If you attack your target audience while they are young, then those ill seeds that you have planted will likely grow and become a part of their persona as they enter adulthood.

You know what? I’m going to stop right here for now. I want you to let all of this sink in because I’ve got plenty more to tell you. I’ve only touched on the surface of the conspiracy in Hip-Hop that has been underway since the late 80’s/early 90’s!! Oh, let me say this real quick to avoid an onslaught of stones being hurled at me from mainstream artists. I am NOT - in any way, shape, or form – blaming the artists for the situation we’re in. Trust me when I say “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!” I place the blame entirely on the media outlets who promote the artists. Why? We'll get into that next time!

For now, enter your comments and tell me how YOU feel about this subject, especially if you’re an 80’s baby and go waaaay back like I do! One Love!

Love and Beats!! Markie B. aka DJ Scientific

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  1. Interested in seeing your take on the media's fault. Do the kids listening to the music and moving away from the positive, older hip-hop toward the negative, newer, hip-hop have any blame? Or the parents not encouraging or discussing the differences have any blame? Does the media promote what they think will sell? And does the youth, with a hormonal-driven curiosity find the new hip-hop edgy (something their elders probably wouldn't approve, which is why it becomes so popular, thus why the media pushes for it--Or is there a more devious conspiracy at play here?). Looking forward to your next blog!

  2. Hi Janet,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate all of your questions. The resounding answer to all of them is basically "Yes"! However, in my opinion, the kids listening to the music are pawns in the conspiracy that I've seen. I'm going dig in deeper on this topic in Blog #3, which comes out next week. I'll give you this little nugget for now. One day I asked a program director at a major R&B and Hip-Hop radio station in DC why they didn't play more conscious Rap songs. His answer was that the people don't want to hear it. Honestly, that was a BS answer because I KNOW firsthand that there is a large body of listeners who would appreciate hearing more diversity on the airwaves. I know this because I am a DJ and I listen to my audience. I say that kids are pawns in the game because they are basically a captive audience. They do not control what's being played. The industry does. In my opinion, two words in the radio and television industries have wreaked havoc on our youths - Heavy Rotation!! The program directors, via Heavy Rotation, are essentially "programming" the mindset of our youths by the constant bombardment of certain songs. I

    I'm going to stop right there before I spill all of the beans on my next blog. LOL Stay tuned for a more in-depth discussion. I hope to continue this conversation with you as well.

    Beats and Love!

    Markie B

  3. ... It's a blessing that knowledge, power & wisdom... comes from reading but its a shame that some African American people won't take the time to read it. (Nice read DjScientific!) If you look back to KRS-1, Public Enemy... their style of rap was educational & text book in a rap. Going back even further Curtis Blow & The Sugar Hill Gang they're rap even carried a household message. (The Breaks, Basketball...) (Rappers Delight...) and people could listen to these raps with positive motivation. Now, artist have simplified rap (microwave rap) and based rap off of hooks and the substance is lacking. If the rap isn't bleeped out its a bunch of demoralizing or talk about what one has... Commercialised rap, is here & here with a bang... it's a shock to hear some of today's raps because a lot of negative rap is getting radio play & the positive rap is either underground, swept under the rug or not even being thought of. I'm so grateful we have DJ's that won't let old skool die. I'll leave you with this in closing... are we getting older and passing the rap torch and will substance in rap music come back?

  4. Peace Mandearr22,

    Thanks for your comments. You and I see eye-to-eye, for real! A very good friend of mine (a fellow Hip-Hop aficionado and a very educated brother with a PhD) told me that certain songs back in the day led him to dive into a book and research the names he had heard in certain songs. Names like Huey Newton, Marcus Garvey, and such were infused into rhymes. After hearing them and then researching them, it fueled his desire to do what...LEARN MORE! The same thing happened to me! Today, how many songs inspire listeners to truly LEARN something - other than how to be Gangsta? I can't call it! Commercial Rap trips me out because they can bleep out certain curse words; but they cannot bleep out CONTENT! It's the content that's wreaking havoc on our kids, especially when there seems to be no one around to decipher what they're hearing. I'm going to go in really deep on the next blog. Stay tuned my friend!! :O)

  5. Mark this a very insightful piece. As an "old head" and as an educator I get an opportunity to gain a view through the lens of many young people who embrace and glorify all of the negative connotations of Rap... It stings when they use the phrase "that's Hip Hop" It stings because Hip Hop for me is a Black/Latino cultural movement that promotes Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of the Enemy, Cultural Awareness, Positive Uplifting of the Community where we were responsible for the children and their well being, and promoting Family Love through being real partners with our Earth (Queen). What, in my opinion, has happened is that WE allowed several issues manifest and ultimately and unfortunately negatively manifest. The men in our communities have accepted being reduced from God's and King's to Nigga's.. that's first and most important because over time you answer to what you believe yourself to be. I knowledge this because where I teach my young brothers accept their white contemporaries in referring them as such upon greetings and in their everyday dialogue.. In 2 ways we have lost KOS. 1- Young black men are blinded by an illusion that being being a nigga gives them credibility in the streets (tough, thug, violent). 2. Not enough positive black male influence in the educational system that are examples of what real Black Power is, one that has KOS and can debunk so called HIStory in the face of the very system that tells them they are niggas. Long story short. We do not READ..
    Next issue- the Sarah Barton complex with our Queen. Our Queen has been reduced to finding her worth in her body appendages. Like Sarah Barton they have been exploited and conditioned to believe that their only purpose is to overtly sexually stimulate, whether visually or physically, the men in our community further reducing our Nature.. Our Queen now has been reduced to a vessel to just stick and move.. Her mind isn't appreciated nor revered as the intelligent being that she was grafted to be. Our rib. Our Earth. There have been far too many bad seed "planted" in our Earth. HIV/AIDS, other STD's, Cervical Cancer, and Baby Daddys. Lastly, our Queen has been denied their King (Father). The proper nurture of community has to have balance and our children need to see and feel Love from both. A son needs to be taught by his Earth how to care for and properly cultivate a future Earth of his own. Likewise a daughter needs to to be taught by her King how to take care of her most precious self so that in her season she understands where to seek and receive the good seed that will manifest good fruit..
    I'm going to end here with this last insight. I agree that there is and has been a conspiracy to destroy our culture of Hip Hop. We have been given a false bill of goods in exchange for material success and wealth while sacrificing our most precious commodities... Like you said Mark, a virus has taken over. I will refer to it as Willie Lynch v3.0 and something has to be done before it's too late. Thank you my brother for letting me voice MY opinion here. PEACE!