Friday, July 11, 2014

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Spirituality: What does that mean?

Yes, We Rise| Spirituality: What does that mean?

All things spiritual…

As a spirituality contributor, I wondered what I would share on my first blog. What do people want to hear? What does spirituality mean anyways?

As my naturally inquisitive nature grew with excitement and increased questions, I determined the best and most beneficial beginning was to provide a context for my spirituality.

One of the greatest benefits of dwelling in a free society is the privilege to identify with spiritual beliefs and practices which directly correlate with a specific worldview. Additionally, this freedom affords the flexibility to change, adapt, or neglect practices and beliefs based on personal desires. I am appreciative of that freedom while simultaneously realizing the difficulty that such freedom creates.

As always with me, more questions come to mind. “Can you really believe that there is not a power greater than you?” “Can you really believe that you evolved from animals?” “Can you really believe that there is bliss and prosperity tied to meditating and praying in a certain direction for X number of times per day?” “Can you really believe that there is a Jesus and that He is the Son of God; He died and rose again, too?” Dependent upon your audience, the answer is a resounding yes to either of those questions. I like to refer to this as the dichotomy of being freely bound by belief; you are free to select what you believe thus binding you to certain thought processes creating certain behaviors. You are free to choose what you believe and because of what you believe you will or will not engage in certain behavior. Many times, there is not conscious consideration towards behavior nor is there cognizance that the behavior is based on a belief system. Just let that marinate. :)

We are all bound by some belief whether or not we are consciously aware.

Spirituality, for me, is about exposing why I do what I do, and exculpating my mental map so that it is free of faulty messaging. This process is essential for being freely bound to a healthy belief system. While I am very passionate and firm about my beliefs, it is not an attack on another’s belief system.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to agree to disagree should that opportunity present itself. I look forward to sharing with you and engaging in dialogue!



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