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Olivia Pope’s Closet


Yes, We Rise| Olivia Pope's Closet, Kerry Washinton in the rainMany, many, many of us are addicted to ABC’s Scandal. We can’t wait for each week on Thursday night at 10 pm EST for us to see Liv, Fitz, Millie, and crew (can we get a moment of silence for the loss of Harrison, man, the eye candy won’t be back), we are all enthralled with the tales of the White House and the FIXER we all know and love as Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope is played by Kerry Washington, and Scandal is the brain child of Shonda Rhimes.

For the past 2 years we have watched Liv and her amazing wardrobe walk across our TV screens and wondered... "Where did she get that? And can I have it?" Scandal: Season 1

Yes, We Rise| Olivia Pope's closet - OP fashion looks 1

Yes, We Rise| Olivia Pope's closet - OP fashion looks 2

WEEEELLLL according to the CBS News post you can have it. It’s coming this fall to the Limited. Kerry Washington along with costume designer Lyn Paolo have teamed up with The Limited to create an Olivia Pope inspired clothing line, which will hit Limited stores in late Fall. It is a 42 piece collection with a moderate price range. The images below are sketches of the line.  Scandal: Season 2

Yes, We Rise| Olivia Pope's Closet - sketches of new fashion line

While part of me is UBER excited that they are doing a Scandal inspired clothing line, I am so DISAPPOINTED that it will be at the limited. I know Kerry is a small woman and can look great in anything, but there is a LARGE segment of the population who is not a size 6 (hell not even a size 10) and we love Scandal too. We want to be able to dress like Olivia Pope.

Once again the plus size population is over looked. Many of the styles that are worn by Liv can translate in to a larger size. The Limited is not plus sized friendly, unless they have changed in recent years, all I can do is shop accessories there. I have lost weight and gone down a few dress sizes I might be able to squeeze into an XL or XXL if they have it but for the most part I can’t do it. It is disappointing when designers do these collaborations with the mass market stores like Target and Kohls, and they only do clothing up to a missy size. It is 2014; when will designers and stores understand that plus size women want STYLISH CLOTHING. We are not all 65+ years old and want to wear skirts to our ankles and basically hide our fat away from the world.  Scandal: Season 3


I won’t go on my rant today, I am excited to see the collection this fall and I hope and pray there is a little something for us fluffy chicks to wear so we can pretend we are Liv and there is a new crisis that needs our attention and at the end of the day we can say “IT’S HANDLED!!!”

So who is EXCITED? I can't wait to see the whole collection... maybe they will do up to a 2x, RIGHT Ladies?!

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  1. I'm glad you like it Kael. I hope you'll check us out again. We've got a lot more in store.

  2. Indeed. I couldn't write as much as I do if I wasn't always hooked up to my music. It helps me to focus and flow.

  3. I agree, most do not and do not have fit models for all sizes. Which could help not only plus sized women but the smaller ones at the other end of the spectrum

  4. I think part of the problem is that clothing is so fragmented. I can't think of a designer or store that handles clothing from 2-24

  5. So true, i have my most profound thoughts in the middle of conversations or while listening to music.