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Michelle Hudgins speaks out about Stephen A. Smith's comments on domestic violence

Unless you've been out of the country or wrapped up in the finale of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots... you've likely heard about the suspension of Ray Rice for domestic violence against his wife and Stephen A. Smith's comments about the issue of domestic violence... and now his week long suspension from ESPN.

Watch the video for yourself, to be sure that you hear his comments in their entirety and then decide whether or not you agree with him.

The topic has been very hot on social media - facebook and twitter have been buzzing for days about this issue. Many feminists and supporters of female domestic violence victims have taken strong issue with the comments that Stephen A. Smith said. Whoopi Goldbberg has been bold enough to speak up publicly in support of his comments.

I'm not a big celebrity like Whoopi... but I agree with her and I agree with Stephen A. The bottom line as I believe it... everyone should keep their hands to themselves. A woman does not have the right (to me) to hit, strike, provoke, attack, assault or otherwise antagonize a man with violence or aggression... and then rest on her gender as protection from him retaliating.

Yes, We Rise contributor, Michelle H.

Meanwhile, our very own YWR contributor, Michelle Hudgins, appeared on the Roland Martin Show and chimed into the conversation about domestic violence and the concern about the words "provoke" and "provocation" within this discussion. Please listen to the show here:

I am adamantly against violence of ANY TYPE between partners and spouses. I think it is a vile and horrible way to resolve conflict. I also find it to be very immature. That said... I know personally, that there are women who hide behind their gender and use the belief that a man should never hit a woman (and that the law is more likely to detain, arrest and remove a man from a situation) as a free pass to be violent and aggressive towards men. I believe that any woman who does this is a moron.

Yes. I said it.

Keep your hands to yourself. Use your words. Men are human beings too and they should not be subjected to aggressive behavior from people simply because of their gender. That is not fair at all. In the rush to defend women from being victims of violent men, too many people jumped on the word provocation and missed the general message of self-restraint, self-accountability and disdain for violence that both of these celebrities discussed. I think we can do better than this.

But tell me what you think. What are your thoughts about Ray Rice, Stephen A. Smith, Whoopi Goldberg and domestic violence in general?

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  1. Michelle D. Johnson GarrettJuly 30, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    I have to agree. I've seen and know women who have provoked men to put their hands on them so they could get the authorities or other family members involved. It's sad but true. Were the men right? Heck no. As an adult, we need to know when to walk away and keep ourselves out of compromising situations. However, we need to look at the full picture and realize that there are women out there that will manipulate the system.