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Let's talk about foundation garments... really

Yes, We Rise| Let's talk about foundation garments

Foundation Garment


an undergarment, as a girdle or corset, worn by women to support or give shape to the contours of the body.

From http://dictionary.reference.com/

I posted before about the Slob-A-Faciation of America. Before I start my 10 Essentials series I wanted to start with the foundation garments. A good foundation garment is the basis for your clothes fitting how they are supposed to. Foundation garments have come a LONG way from your mother’s or grandmother’s foundations.

See this picture of the before and after with foundation garments from My Hands Made It blog

Proper bra fitting is important.

Starting with proper fitting bras, you should be fitted for a bra at least one time a year, if not every six months. Many, many, many women are wearing the wrong size. I lost weight recently and I was shocked that I was wearing the wrong size.

I was wearing a 42D and lost about 40 lbs and went down to a 38 back so I am thinking oh I am a 38 DD… NO MA’AM, I bought some 38DD and had the 4 boobs going on. I was shocked, I was dismayed, I was just hurt… because I just KNEW I was a 38DD or a 40D…. for years… almost since high school. Well low and behold I put my measurements in the bra fit calculator on one bra website, it came back 38G! G?! G?! I was taken aback and wanted to cry. Yes I was all in my own feelings, there are no cheap nor cute bras that come in that size.

I wondered where and when did my boobs get up that big… they don’t look that big to me. Sweet baby haysoos I was upset for a good 2 weeks. But I had to have a coming to Jesus chat with myself that I tell other women it’s just a number and I need for my clothes to fit correctly and not to worry about the number. (sigh) So I went to Lane Bryant to try on some bras and I am a solid 40DD in Lane Bryant bras. Just like clothing no bra manufacture makes bras the same. You have to try them on. So I had to realize that I kind of float between a 38DDD and a 40DD. But I no longer have the 4 boob issue which was bothering me more than the size.

Yes, We Rise| Let's talk about foundation garments
Anywho, here is a sample of how the bra should fit, from Big Girls Bras blog

If you like under wire, great, if not, great, just get the best support for breasts.

Last but not least you want a good smoothing garment. With the advent of Spanx, you no longer have to feel like you are encased in a sausage casing. Here are a few suggestions from the spanx: I love the ones for pants that go over the tummy and give you nice tummy control and will not roll down your body mid day.

I love these where you can wear your own bra, because the shapers that have the built in bras have a tendency to flatten your breasts out, which is a no go for me

These are the best for those who are new to the shaper world. They give you coverage over your tummy and thighs.

These are a few shapers that are on the market. Spanx is one brand name, it is one of the most popular out right now. There are some knock offs of spanx that are a lower price point than Spanx. It is trial and error finding which works best for you. And you do have to replace your shape wear every six months if you wear it every day. You want to wash them in mesh lingerie bags and DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRIER!!!! Let them air dry, PLEASE. It will last you much longer.

Ok, my Diva's go forth and shop, and treat your self to a bra sizing, trust me you will thank me later for getting the right bra size.

'Til Next Time
Love, Peace, and All Things Pretty
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