Monday, July 28, 2014

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Yes, We Rise| If not now, when?

Are you having a "RIGHT NOW!" day? 

A "RIGHT NOW!" day is a day when whatever happened and whoever did something to you is irrelevant. It's a day where whatever you "might" face tomorrow does not matter. On a good "RIGHT NOW!" day nothing else matters other than what is going on at that moment, in that time. To have a "RIGHT NOW!" day you must do nothing other than be present.

When you are present -- fully attentive to the space and time that you are in, you are able to fully experience what is going on to and around you. Being present allows you to give your all and your best to what is that is directly before you. Right now prepares you for what is ahead. Its in this experience of being present that we learn, we stretch and we grow. Right now, is also the place where we are able to release the past. Living in the RIGHT NOW...being present and fully aware, allows us to focus and get clarity. It lessens the stress and lowers cortisol levels which Stiletto Lova taught us all about.

"RIGHT NOW!" is a great place to be, because you really cant control whats coming and you cant change whats been. You could avoid the "RIGHT NOW!" as long as you don't have dreams, want something better and only wish to stay stuck where you are. Otherwise, why not choose to be more present? What is so bad about focusing your energy and attention? Imagine what might happen if you chose to do what you could, while you could. Ironically, the satisfaction of accomplishment and the completion of immediate tasks, frees you up and motivates you to do more. But don't take my word for it, US Army Major Clark Simon says it better than I ever could "If you want to be more better, it starts "RIGHT NOW!"


Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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