Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Don’t Be Afraid To Dream

Yes, We Rise| Don't be afraid to dream

Recently, I was challenged by some women who I really admire to dream. And the challenge was not to just dream, but to DREAM BIG. I will admit, for the last few years, I’ve been in somewhat of a dream funk. Between juggling my home life, work and the kids, I saw my dreams beginning to turn into practical checklists. For me, a dream equaled being able to use the bathroom with interruption by my three year old. That was a dream to me. Not a big dream, but a dream none the less.

When the call to action to Dream Big was raised, I really didn’t know where to begin. I felt like the practicality of life dwarfed my dreams. I believed the lie that my dreams had to make logical sense. And from that, I actually found myself being afraid to dream.

Then I thought about other folks out there who were not afraid to dream. Folks like Maya Angelou (and one of the inspirations of this site). Just imagine if Mama Maya was afraid to dream? Would we have her words with us today? Would her legacy be as vast and encouraging as what she left us? Just asking those questions helped me realize that being afraid to dream was causing a paralyzing effect on me. It also made me realize that my dreams are not for me alone but they are also for others as well.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever been afraid to dream because of what you see right now? I just want to encourage you to don’t be afraid to dream. You are allowed to dream big. You are allowed to dream bigger than your current circumstance or situation. You are allowed to see yourself in a place where you don’t even think you deserve to be. Maybe those dreams are God’s way of speaking to you and showing you that your current stop does not dictate your final destination in life. But don’t stop at being a dreamer. Become a doer as well. Someone needs to see us all striving to fulfill our dreams.  Remember the dream is bigger than you.

Here’s a plan of action: Like I was challenged, grab a notebook and start day dreaming again. Make notes in the notebook. Take that first step and dream.


  1. I agree with this so much, sometimes I am afraid to dream because I replace it with fear most times. Excellent article!!

  2. Excellent! I am always on the hunt for a great foundation that fits me!!

  3. I am glad you recognize your fear to dream. Yes, we have to step out and dream. That's the first step.

  4. Marcus SmallwoodJuly 10, 2014 at 7:56 PM

    Maya is smiling down on this. Thanks for DREAMING BIG.

  5. Dreaming Big is so important! Some people are afraid to dream because they are afraid to fail...but if you dont havent tried enough!!...Love this!!