Monday, July 7, 2014

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Baby Kisses... there are life lessons for us there

Yes, We Rise| Baby kisses... there are life lessons for us there

Life lessons from baby kisses

My colleague has a six month old baby at home.  One of her favorite things to do is to give juicy, messy kisses. Every time she does it, she gets a happy, smiling, positive reaction from whomever she targets for this gift of her loveliness. At six months of age, she's already figured out cause and reaction, acts of affirmation and pleasure. She knows that if she gives a kiss she gets a kiss. She's learned that her kisses are valued and that in sharing a kiss, she makes herself and others feel good. She also knows...that its not a terminal thing, she can give and get... again... again... and again.

Somewhere along the way, with the complications of work, family, school and life in general, we've lost the ability to tune in to the simple signs, messages and feelings that help to guide us. Just the other day, I walked around, complaining about a headache for most of the morning. As per usual, after waking to the morning news, I jumped up got in the shower, grabbed my phone to review my calendar and scan my email. I forgot about a con-call that I was supposed to be, I dressed and scurried downstairs, grabbed my banana and bottle of water and jumped in the car. Once in the car, I knew I would at least be able to dial-in for the beginning of the call and finish it in the office with my colleagues. Fast-forward 3 hours and a non-stop headache later... I say to myself..."I'm hungry?!". I proceed to look for my banana and water. Now, I learned in sixth grade health class that the feeling of hunger, is also a sign of dehydration....I also know, that when I am dehydrated I guessed it..headaches. My body had been trying to get my attention for three-plus hours telling me that I needed to take a minute for myself and perform a BASIC LIFE FUNCTION....but I was too busy.

How many times do we ignore the signs, signals, messages that are laid out right before our eyes? How many times does someone have to say or do something before we get the message? How often do you have to get the same result before deciding that it's time to do something new? Our bodies and minds are uniquely equipped to give us everything we need to navigate this life. Our challenge is that we must learn to see, listen and trust the message that we are receiving. If a 6 month old baby can grasp the concept of cause and effect by simply observing and paying attention, surely we can do better.

Doubt, fear and lack are amazingly crippling devices and if we allow them into our spirit, they worm their way into the small dark recesses of our mind and heart, without notice and quietly chip away at our confidence, our discernment and our heart. As a result, we slowly learn to tune out the small voices, subtle hints and ignore the gut feelings/instincts that keep us on track. We've forgotten to be like the baby... wide-eyed, attentive and ready.

This week, choose one thing that you are going to do to reconnect with your inner-self. Whatever it is you decide to do, commit to what you see/hear/feel. Maybe spend a few extra minutes in the morning before you head out the door to just sit and be quite and center yourself. could turn off the devices a little early before bed in quite contemplation...just see what happens. Whatever you and follow it.  You might just find yourself where you are supposed to be. PAY ATTENTION, the sign could be as subtle as a baby's kiss.

Peace, Joy & Love,
Michelle H.


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