Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Are We Feminizing Our Men?

There is nothing I like better than a well dress, well groomed, good smelling man. Whew, Lord Have Mercy on my Soul because my knees get weak, at said man. (a killer smile does not hurt either)

I love men's fashions and would love a chance to dress a man from head to toe with what I like. A last my beloved and I do not have the same taste in clothes, but he cleans up very well.

So I was on facebook minding my own business the other day and I see this

I did a double take and did not think much more about it until I saw this today.




While, yes I have a love of fashion. And I can even get with some of the more abstract and avant-garde styling. But THIS?! I cannot get with. It is one thing to see men in Kilts (you know the traditional Scottish "skirt" that is plaid and men will wear, usually while playing the bag pipes, but not always), but this is totally different. The "Romper" outfit had a ruffle at the legs of the shorts, the tall boots have a ruffle and the "shirt" is basically a tub top. Sorry I cannot take any MAN seriously wearing such an outfit outside of the cat walk. Maybe I am too old fashion in my gender role assignments, but I want a manly man, a romper with a ruffle and tub top is not MANLY in my book.

I do not want to see my man in a romper, let alone a romper with a ruffle and tub top. I rather see the holey gym shorts and tattered basketball t-shirt than this. While I am for equal pay for equal work, and some opportunities for women, I by no means want to see our men feminized. I want them rugged, manly, hell I will take smelling like a locker room after a football game to that lace shirt.

The lace shirt with blinged out tie is not much better. While this might not be a look for work unless you work in fashion, I could not take any man I met any where seriously with a lace shirt one. Sorry I am not open minded enough for these fashions. Here is another picture I found when I googled men's lace shirt (long freaking sigh)

The lace jumpsuit made me through up my hands and just give up, then I saw what looks like chiffon shorts (on the right) with a green lace top. WHY, DESIGNERS, WHY?! I know men's wear is not as lucrative as women's wear but do you hate the men? Why would you do this? Someone please explain this to me? I am willing to be open minded and try to understand, I promise.

I pose this to everyone not just the Divas.

Men would you wear any of these trends?

Ladies would you want your man to wear any of these trends?

I would love to your thoughts on this.

'Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty
~The Diva V~


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