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5 Tips to get through summer vacation with your kids

Yes, We Rise| 5 tips to get thru summer vacation with your kids

School’s Out for Summer... Now What?

Summer is the time of year that teachers love and parents loathe.

Parents of teenagers and tweens (children between the ages of 12-15 who are a little too old for summer camp, but too young to get a summer job) are often left with few options. In some states, such as Washington D.C., there are great summer programs for teens to work.

But what about other states that may not have these wonderful programs in place? Here are a few things your tweens and teenagers can do to occupy their time. These tips may help parents and kids from going crazy...

5 Top Tips To Get You Through The Summer

Tip #1

Sign them up for Volunteer Opportunities:  Go to This site gives a list of opportunities in different states that cater to children aged 13 - up to college age. Volunteering can help build their skills in certain areas and also help them develop new friendships. They may have opportunities to see things outside of their immediate area and, in some cases, their state.

Tip #2

Look for mini staycations within your specific budget. The best sites to go for these deals is Groupon or - Hotel Reservation for hotel bargains and deals on kid-friendly places such as museums, amusement parks and even restaurants that offer kids-eat-free nights on various days of the week.

Tip #3

Look into summer camps and camp activities.  Another great website to check out is It is a great way to find camps and activities for kids of all ages. This site was designed to provide assistance with finding things to do for children and teens in a variety of categories.

Tip #4

Go to your local library for Library Teen programs. Many local libraries offer free programs for teens that offer tutoring, camp counselor training, as well as summer reading programs for prizes. These programs are free of charge and usually are operating between the times of 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. The skills they learn in the library including reading to children, teaching seniors how to use computers, and stacking books on the shelves can help occupy their time and provide additional skill-sets that can be used later in life.

Tip #5

Don't forget local summer job programs. In many cities across the USA there are summer programs that cater to the ages of 14-19 years of age. Contact your local city hall during the months of January-May to find programs in your area. The students are usually selected for jobs that begin in June and last through August.

Also, be sure to check the 5 "often overlooked" places that typically offer employment to teenagers: Golf courses, offices, museums and other cultural institutions, restaurants, and summer camps and day care centers. All are great place for teenagers to find jobs. This site has great links to places that hire teenagers.

That's it! Just a few resources to help you to cure those "...but I'm b-o-r-e-d" summer blues that drives kids and their parents crazy. Hopefully these tips will help to ensure that you keep your sanity!

Have a Great Summer!

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