Monday, June 16, 2014

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We are always becoming

Ruby Dee said it well when she said that she was always becoming.

We are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, colleagues, lovers, spouses, entrepreneurs, dancers, cooks, chaperones, chauffeurs, writers, poets, architects, astronauts, actors, artists, students, comptrollers, bookkeepers, bloggers, coders, doctors, lawyers, pastors, singers, directors and more... whew.

We are everything.

And those things we are not... we will be. Because we are always becoming.

Becoming means that you are always evolving and growing and changing. Becoming means that you are never stagnant. You are always taking in new information and adjusting your sails, correcting your path. Incremental changes as well as quantum leaps... we are always moving. We are often all things to so many. But often we are not enough to ourselves.

The black community is not what is most often portrayed in the media and believe around the world. We are great. We are exceptional. We are human. Anv we are normal folks. We may have cultural differences from others in the world, but those differences don't make us bad. Just different.

There is a knowing... a feeling of comfort like no other when you are in the company of good people. People who see you -- and really SEE YOU. People who have no jealousy of who you are or what you have because they are comfortable and confident with themselves about who they are and what they have. People who can honestly congratulate your success and then look to you for inspiration when their road gets long. People who have no fear of being honest with you because there is a trust between you that you will say or do things that are for their good only... and not from a place of competition or destruction.

These good people are all around us. These good people are us. Yes, We Rise is where we celebrate and examine the black community in all of its goodness.

~With Love and Respect
Nic McLean, Editor


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